About CleanAir America

CleanAir America is a fully Licensed & insured corporation. CleanAir America has a professional, well-trained, certified and dedicated staff of technicians and consultants. Our years of experience coupled with courtesy will ensure that you obtain the best possible service.

Our goal is to make you a lifetime client. Because we aim to please, CleanAir America's customers have remained loyal and recommended our business to their friends.

How Can We Help You?

Because we realize that our company's future is determined by the number of clients that use our services year after year, you can rest assured that when you have CleanAir America Inc. in your home you'll enjoy the finest service possible.

We use the safest products available and we fully assure that all of our cleaning products are non-toxic and safe for your home, your family and the environment!


Don't hesitate call us now! Use our toll free number: 1-877-803-DUCT, for a free estimate.


  • You and your crew were just fantastic and so clean.  - Ms. S. Whisman., Sugarland, TX
  • I still can't get over how clearly you explained everything while you were here. It's the first time anyone came to do something in my house and actually showed me what they were doing. - Mr./Mrs. R.G., Woodlands, TX
  • That bad odor from the previous owners smoking is gone. Thanks very much. - Ms. M.R., Katy, TX
  • The job was great. I really appreciate your advice on a better filter and I bought it the same day at Home Depot.  - Ms. P.T., Spring, TX
  • As you may remember, I'm retired and on a limited income. You didn't try to sell me anything extra and that means a lot to people like me. - Mr. H.L., Copperfield, TX
  • We're breathing better already and you should be hearing from my mother who also wants hers cleaned. - Mrs. W.R., Memorial, TX
  • What a difference after your cleaning. The cat smell was driving us crazy until your service. - Mr. T.S., Atascocita, TX
  • I still am impressed about how you sent me a confirmation card, a reminder letter with your brochure, and then showed up at the time you said you would. - Mrs. D.W., Kingwood, TX
  • Thanks for being so patient with my 4 year old. He is still talking about how he "helped John clean". You and your workers are very nice. - Ms. R.A., New Territory, TX
  • I was very skeptical because we had this done 5 years ago and didn't think it really helped. After seeing what you do and how much more thorough it is I am going to put your name in our community directory listing. - Mr./Mrs. P.S., Missouri City, TX