insulation large 01CleanAir America Solutions Attic insulation in Houston is necessary to provide a continuous thermal barrier to minimize heat flow through the walls, ceiling and floor. Insulation reduces costs for heating and cooling, as well as keeping your home a comfortable temperature. Your homes energy costs will be dramatically increased if insufficient insulation is installed or it is installed incorrectly.

Recent studies have found that over one-third of new homes in the Houston area have lower levels of insulation installed than specified and/or recommended. An additional one-fifth have serious installation problems that will result in significantly decreased effectiveness of the insulation. In addition, virtually all of the homes studied were found to have numerous insulation installation defects that reduce the performance of the insulation well below its rated R-value. We offer cost-effective procedures that will improve your homes comfort and greatly reduce energy use.

insulation small 01When it comes to making your Houston home more energy efficient and comfortable, attic insulation is one the most least expensive and cost-effective measures you can take. The most economical method of properly insulating your attic space is Blown-in Insulation. This process is quick and easy, with the typical home usually only taking one to two hours to complete and blown-in insulation is available in fiberglass or cellulose. insulation small 02Our professional installers utilize a hose connected to state of the art blowing machine that is routed through the access point, to the far end of the attic cavity. Working back toward the access point, our installer will then lay down a layer of loose fill insulation. Using fiberglass or cellulose, the entire attic floor is covered from corner to corner and side to side, with a continuous layer of energy saving insulation.

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